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Authors who are actively publishing their research in academic or scientific journals may want to write about their experiences, both good and bad, and share any strategies they might have developed to surmount hurdles in the publishing process. Researchers who are still working toward initial publication will find such posts especially helpful and they, too, could share their experiences, perhaps noting their frustrations and victories. Journal editors who make the decisions about which articles their scholarly journals choose to review and publish could encourage more appropriate and more appropriately formatted submissions by discussing exactly what they expect of a publishable research manuscript and maybe even warning authors against unproductive approaches and common errors. Experts who review and assess manuscripts for scholarly journals may also want to help their aspiring colleagues by offering constructive advice on writing and revising papers for efficient peer review and successful publication. We encourage researchers working across all disciplines and areas of specialisation to blog not only about their writing and publication experiences, but also about their new research discoveries, announcing, publishing or republishing their groundbreaking work in one or more guest posts.

Scholarly journals may also be interested in contributing guest posts to A new journal could introduce itself to our readers in a post that briefly outlines its publishing goals, the range and scope of its desired content, its submission and editorial procedures and more. An established journal, on the other hand, might want to announce changes in its publication practices, its range and focus or perhaps its impact factor to ensure that manuscript submissions reflect its current status. Universities and other institutions whose members are actively engaged in advanced research may want to introduce new faculty and projects or reveal recent developments in ongoing projects. Companies whose activities are related to research or publishing in less immediate ways could clarify that relationship and suggest how their skills, facilities or products can enhance scholarly work and its publication. Agencies that support and equip researchers and publishers may wish to describe their grants and other funding possibilities or provide information on requirements and deadlines for those interested in applying for their research support. Whatever your connection to the world of academic and scientific publishing may be, you will find an interested audience at

At we welcome new perspectives as eagerly as we do new knowledge and encourage our readers to share their experience and expertise via guest posts. Whether you would like to write about your academic publishing experiences as an author or proofreader, offer younger scholars practical advice as an editor or reviewer, or reveal your latest discovery or innovation as a researcher or writer, we would be delighted to consider your contribution. Publishing a guest post on is currently free of charge. If you are interested in contributing, please visit our Guest Posts page for further details.

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